Full name

Steve Anthony Pierce


Illustrator & Concept Artist


Flat Rock, MI


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Mostly self-taught on forums and groups such as ConceptArt.org and Crimson Daggers, where I am known as Veneq. I am an illustrator, concept artist, and graphic designer located near Detroit, Michigan. I focused on fundamentals for years, zeroing in on anatomy books by Andrew Loomis and George Bridgman, and studying from life as much as possible. I began freelancing in 2011, mostly in the music industry, and expanded into gaming and entertainment art in 2012.

I am proud to call myself a <a href=:"http://crimsondaggers.com">Crimson Dagger.

My older work from the music industry when I began freelancing under the moniker Balefire can be found here.


Mierce Miniatures Corvus Covax Miniatures Victory Records Fearless Records Hopeless Records A Day To Remember Blessthefall The Word Alive Punk Goes Pop Emmure


Concept Art, Illustration, Graphic Design