Venom Fan Art – 2019

2019 – Inkfingers II
Redesign of previous piece, Inkfingers 1. For publisher, Wild Photon for 2019 collection of short stories, Strange Galaxies.

2017 – Personal Piece – The Lasso

Trading Card Art for Unannounced Ongoing Project

Dustwind, Camaraderie – Marketing Illustration for post-apocalyptic tactical RPG, Dustwind – 2015

Fan Art: Nikolai – Dan Luvisi’s Last Man Standing – 2013

Private Commission Fan Art – Draenei Death Knight from Warcraft – 2015

Personal project: Jeff of the Turtle

Personal project: My own planeswalker based on a skinchanging falconer.

Mierce Miniatures – Darklands Gameplay Map – 2014

*Denotes a project for which I also designed the logo / branding